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General Questions

Why not pressure wash our roof?

Pressure washing will remove the delicate granules and shingles on a composition roof. Pressure washing will leave your roof open to leaks and damage. Our spray is contained and light, not messy or drippy, and will leave a barrier on your roof to deter moss regrowth.

What type of roofs do you service?


We service composition and tile roofs. With a Gutter Cleaning, we service all roof-types.

If you’re not sure what type of roof you have, Contact Us

Organic Moss Treatment Application

What will my roof look like after you’ve applied the treatment?


It will look the same, the live moss will still be on the roof. This is not a cleaning or a removal. The live moss and the entire roof will have been treated and within a few days will begin to change color. If you purchased a Pre-Treatment Roof Blow off, then you will notice any loose debris will have been blown off of you roof. If you want the moss removed the same day, please see our Premium Moss Removal Package.


What will the moss look like after treatment?


You will not be able to see our clear, liquid organic moss treatment. A few days after service, you will notice the moss will start to change color to brown.


How long will it take for the moss to die and fall off my roof?


The time it takes for the dying moss to fall off your roof is indeterminable due to the “removal” part being left to the elements out of our control: wind, rain, and the time it takes for the moss to dehydrate and become brittle enough to fall off your roof. The entire dying and falling off process can take anywhere from weeks to months. What we guarantee is that the moss will die, which is the most important part, as once it’s dead it will not be growing and possibly damaging your roof.


Roof Blowoffs

What do you mean by “loose debris” and where does it end up after being blown off?


We use backpack blowers to get the loose debris off your roof. They are strong enough to blow off anything that is not stuck to the roof, but gentle enough as to not cause damage. Sticky pine needles, live moss, and debris that is intertwined into the live moss will not come off with the roof blow off. In that case, we recommend our Premium Moss Removal Package to remove any stuck-on debris and the live moss, which is growing into your roof.



Being a “green company,” we recycle what waste we can. Any loose debris from your roof is blown away from the gutters as best as possible, down through the valleys, and onto the ground. We blow off all patios, walkways, and driveways of the debris. We blow the debris back onto your grass for it be mulched and recycled back into the environment. Any large pieces of debris such as branches and limbs will be removed and discarded by hand. We do not rake up or haul-away debris unless it is from a Gutter Cleaning.


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