Premium Organic Moss Removal


If you don’t have the time or patience and want your moss removed the same day, consider our Premium Organic Moss Removal Package, a full line up of all services in one.

  1. We blow the loose debris off your roof which gives us a clean slate to access the live moss that is growing into your roof.
  2. Removal of the live moss from your roof by hand, using special bristle brushes designed specifically for moss removal in order to not remove granules from your composition roof and to not damage your tile roof.
  3. Cleaning of your gutters of any debris or removed moss and any other build up in your gutters.  Gutter waste and removed moss is deposited into a bucket and discarded into your waste or compost bin.
  4. The application of our organic moss treatment on your entire roof, which has a preventative measure to deter moss regrowth.

What to Expect After a Cleaning

The complete process takes several hours to remove the moss, mold, and mildew. The cleaning process normally removes 80% to 90% of the moss from the roof. Results can be seen immediately after completion.

*Cleaning inside of the gutters will NOT include disassembling the gutters. Additional fees may apply if gutters need to be disassembled and dislodged.

Windows- Quote price does NOT include window washing. If there is over-spray on the windows, we will rinse off the windows.

Additional fees may apply if any further cleaning is requested.

“Moss, mold, & mildew roof treatments” are recommended annually to help prevent further growth.

Have more questions about our Premium Moss Removal Package?

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Organic Moss Treatment


If you have the patience and time and appreciate a value package, why not try our organic moss treatment?  The “removal” part is left up to the wind and rain to take the dead moss off your roof as it dies and detaches itself over time.  The application of our treatment is just that, an application and NOT a moss removal.

We use a clear, liquid biodegradable treatment, NO chemicals.  We spray the treatment evenly on the live moss, on the ridge-lines and roof edges, and all other parts of the roof as moss can grow back in different places every time.  You will not be able to see the clear moss treatment, but a few days after service, the moss will start to change color.  Over time it will continue to change color in varying stages and colors, and as it dies and dehydrates, the wind and rain will take the moss off your roof.   As to “when” the dead moss will fall off your roof, that time frame is indeterminable due to elements such as wind, rain, and the rate at which the moss dehydrates and becomes brittle enough to be swept away.

Pre-Treatment Roof Blow Off

If you live around a lot of trees, we highly recommend having the loose debris blown off of your roof prior to having us spray our treatment.  Moss can grow any place where there is shade, even under pine needles and leaves.  Blowing the loose debris off of your roof first will allow us greater access to the live moss on your roof to spray with our treatment.

Do not expect the moss to immediately die or immediately fall off your roof.  The Organic Moss Treatment Application is a value package that is not an “immediate” removal.  Please remember that once our treatment has been applied, it takes time to do its job.  If you don’t want to wait, we recommend our Premium Moss Removal Package.

What to Expect After a Treatment

Treatments are designed to eat away at the moss, mold, algae, & lichen. Treatments do not make the problem disappear instantly. Normal treatments take 1-3 months to eat away at the moss. Rain, wind, and weather will help break away moss and it will eventually disappear. Treatments are recommended each year to help prevent moss growth and to keep the roof healthy. Moss will dehydrate and fall off over time. No guarantee that moss will disappear 100%

Moss is a live plant growing into your roof. It cannot be taken off with a roof blow off, it is “stuck” to your roof. The moss must be either removed by hand or treated and allowed to die and fall off over time.


Gutter Cleaning


MAXCLEAN also offers Gutter Cleaning services.  This can be added to any job a-la-carte or is automatically included in our Premium Moss Removal Package.

We clean the inside of gutters as well as downspouts.  We scoop out the debris from your gutters and deposit the debris into buckets.  This waste is then discarded in your compost or waste bins, whichever you prefer.

We do not clean the outside of gutters, ie. gutter facing.  We recommend having the facing pressure washed if needed.

If you have gutter guards, screens, hoods, or the like, we do not remove the coverings and clean the gutters.  If you did purchase a Roof Blow Off we will blow off the tops of the gutter guards, understanding that some of the debris will not come loose due to it being stuck in the grating of the gutter guards.

How We Clean Your Gutters

1. Gutter cleaning is done by hand.  We use gutter cleaning scoops and put your gutter debris in a bucket.
2. We put your gutter debris in buckets then dump into a yard waste.
3. We flush out your gutters to make sure all your downspouts are working (downspouts are included in the price).
4. Your 1-month guarantee is if any gutter overflows then we come back out for free to unclog it.

Other Things To Consider

While we’re on your roof we can apply a moss treatment for your roof at a reasonable rate.
If we see any nonrepairable issues we will notify you immediately so that you can replace your gutters
We also offer a partial gutter cleaning service. You may have just a few problem areas or some areas you’re able to clean and just need the areas you can’t reach cleaned out.  We can come out for our minimum service charge starting at $100.

Gutter Cleaning quotes are fast by email, phone, or in person. Most of the time we can look up your home on google maps.

Gutter Cleaning is all exterior work so you do not need to be home.  Just make sure your water is turned on and If you prefer to be home, we can schedule a day when you are there to do the job.

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